Submitted by Karen Barber, Pastor's wife and Missions Committee member.

     Community Baptist Church has a passion for the work that missionaries do throughout the world.  We believe the "heartbeat of God is missions and we show that by our vibrant missions program.
     When we started the church in 1986, we immediately took on our first missionary - Terry and Carol Taylor.  Their ministry has taken them to Papua, New Guinea, St. Vincent, and now to Trinidad.
     In the past 29 years, our missions staff has grown to 42 missionaries and 4 mission boards.  Our missions dollars reach into every corner of our world.  Out faith promise commitment for 2015 is $66,500.00.
     Each year we have a "Missions Emphasis Month" where we bring in missionaries each Sunday to speak to us about their fields and the need for continued support.  On the last Sunday of our emphasis month, we hold a missions banquet and challenge our church menbers to fill out faith promise commitment cards showing what they will do financially for missions in the year ahead.  When those cards are tallied, we then can budget for our currently supported missionaries and even add new ones to that list.  We are able to fund special projects for our missionaries as well.
     It is truly a privilege to be a part of world missions and a blessing to see our folks so excited about it.  And as they are a blessing to our missionaries, they in turn are blessed by God in so many ways.  It pleases God to see His people sharing in His "heartbeat"!
     We invite you to come and hear more about this wonderful ministry of Community Baptist Church.